Sean is an actor, writer, and director known for the feature documentary, “Living Luminaries: On the Serious Business of Happiness,” in which he explored spiritual enlightenment from every possible angle.  The film stars Eckhart Tolle, famed author of “The Power of Now.”  Nowadays, Sean’s passion is improv and since he’s used to seeing the conceptual side of things, he is very excited to make this film about improv and its applications to real life.



Colin Mochrie is an improv comedian who is a longtime cast member of the BBC/ABC/CW’s “Whose Line is it, Anyway?” He was trained in improv at a young age and it has shaped who he is.  In improv, a participant must always agree with the situation presented by a partner and say “yes.” Mochrie says he and his wife have found it helpful to apply the rule to real life, too.  “We’ve started saying yes — within limits — and it’s taken us to these amazing places and amazing people. So I do think improv actually did help with this,” Mochrie says.  “You accept what someone has given you and you build on that.”


Barbara Tint is a Psychologist, Professor of Conflict Resolution, Global Consultant, Trainer and Improviser. She travels the world working with individuals, groups and organizations in areas such as conflict resolution, intercultural relations, gender dynamics, power and status, dialogue processes, resilience, leadership and transition and change. She has worked with a wide range of groups including NGOs, educational institutions, corporations, government agencies, and community groups striving for social, cultural and organizational change. She has lived and worked in Australia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, France, India, Ireland, Israel/Palestine, Rwanda and Sri Lanka. She has also worked with multiple groups within the US, most recently refugee and diaspora communities. She has published on a wide range of topics related to her work. Her recent book, Diasporas in Dialogue: Conflict Transformation and Reconciliation in Worldwide Refugee Communities (Wiley-Blackwell), recounts a 5 year project conducting dialogue and capacity building efforts in historically conflicted refugee communities. Barbara is a trained improviser and the President of the Applied Improvisation Network (http://appliedimprovisation.network/) a global network of scholars, practitioners, researchers, performers, trainers and consultants using the principles and methods of improvisation in a wide range of non-performance contexts. She uses applied improvisation in all of her work and has published articles and book chapters on this methodology. Coming to improv later in life, she accepts that she will never be Tina Fey, but still holds out hope for her performance career.